10 Ways To A New You With Acupuncture This New Year

Acupuncture can help you live better in 2016 — and in ways you may not expect.

If you’ve been meaning to try acupuncture, or if you’re an experienced acupuncturee who has fallen out of practice, make 2016 the year you jump in.

Here are 10 benefits you’ll experience by embracing acupuncture in 2016.

It will lower your stress levels

Acupuncture is well known for its ability to lower stress. It takes the edge off by removing you from the perpetual state of sympathetic dominance in which so many of us find ourselves. By mellowing out the nervous system, acupuncture helps you feel less affected by and better equipped to manage the stressful aspects of life.

It will strengthen your immune system

Acupuncture strengthens natural resistance to disease. Forget endorphins. Forget improved blood circulation. Forget placebo. This is how acupuncture works, by bolstering your reserve and equipping you to fight off pathogens. Acupuncture strengthens the immune system so that you can avoid illness rather than dealing with it after it happens.

It will make you more self-aware

Acupuncture looks at how root imbalances affect the whole system. This means that when one thing is out of whack, it can affect you in multiple ways. By thinking of yourself as a complex, interconnected system, it becomes easier to understand why you might be feeling unwell. Acupuncture broadens your awareness of the things that can potentially influence your physical and emotional health.

It will make you look younger

Acupuncture strengthens your five most essential organ systems — Kidney, Spleen, Liver, Lung, and Heart — so that you are systemically healthier. This can not only make you feel younger, by improving your energy levels, but it can actually prevent physical signs of aging.

It will decrease your pain

When people think about acupuncture and what it can help with, pain is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But acupuncture’s ability to reduce pain goes beyond the physical benefits such as improved blood flow and the release of pain-relieving endorphins and serotonin. There is a significant emotional component to pain as well, especially pain that is chronic. Treating pain effectively—that is, treating it in a way that addresses the root causes—requires approaching it holistically. Acupuncture excels at this.

It will give you a flatter stomach

Acupuncture offers a whole new take on why many people suffer from bloating, as well as reflux, constipation, and other digestive disorders. The paired Spleen and Stomach are the main organs associated with digestion. This refers to the digestion of food as well as the digestion of thought. From an acupuncture perspective, over thinking, like over eating, can lead to bloating and digestive discomfort. Acupuncture offers a new perspective on bloating and digestive disorders.

It will help you sleep better

Insomnia is stubborn. Tons of people have it – it’s one of the most common complaints seen by acupuncturists — but for many different reasons. Because acupuncture looks at each patient as an individual, regular treatments can be highly effective for people who haven’t found relief in sleep medications or other one-size-fits-all solutions.

It will boost your energy

Although it’s common to find yourself in “acu land”—a somewhat dazed, blissfully relaxed state—during and immediately following acupuncture treatment, the after effect is usually increased energy. Many people report having more energy in the hours, days and even weeks after an acupuncture treatment. You may notice that you’re avoiding that post-lunch coma, feeling more motivated to hit the gym, or just sensing a little extra spring in your step.

It will improve your sex life

The multifaceted nature of sexuality means that many systems throughout the body play a role, and seemingly unrelated symptoms or habits can influence whether someone has a fulfilling sex life. Acupuncturists, because they are trained to view their patients holistically, are experts at making these connections and restoring balance so that you’re able to fully experience and enjoy sex.

It will teach you how to take care of yourself and your family

Acupuncture is the basis for acupressure, which is a wonderful self-care tool for keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy. Nothing beats routine acupuncture treatments, but for preventive care and in between acupuncture sessions, acupressure can work wonders.

Happy New Year from TCM Wellness Services!

10 Ways To A New You With Acupuncture This New Year
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