Acupuncture & TCM Reduces Stress

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is one of the most common alternative or complementary therapies and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine, which is highly effective for stress relief. Some of the ways through which acupuncture reduces stress are stimulating happiness hormones, talk our heart out, balanced sensations, healthy weight loss and Chinese dietary therapy.

Happiness Hormones

Feeling of happiness is nothing but results of hormonal chemical reaction inside our body. Acupuncture helps stimulate the happy hormones like endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins changes our perception of pain and oxytocin keeps us calm which, consequently, leads to stress reduction.

Talk Our Heart Out

Talking our heart out is the best way to release emotional distress. In this case, most of the patients are allowed to talk for long hours, which help the doctor to identify the exact acupuncture points for faster stress relief.

Balanced Sensations

Sensations like impatience, fright, annoyance, dissatisfaction or anger are uncontrollable, which prevents smooth flow of energy in the body leading to high stress levels. Needling at definite acupuncture points help restoration of smooth flow of energy and emotional balance, which results in reduction of stress level.

Healthy Weight Loss

Acupuncture assists to balance the energy level of our body and relaxes our brain that results in stress relief. This, in turn, is highly effective in helping an individual reach their target weight and maintains it through better digestion and diminishing food cravings.

Chinese Dietary Therapy

Properties of food affect the internal energy level of our body, which in turn affects our stress level. Therefore, acupuncture treatment involves a dietary therapy, for example green tea has been found to increase the level of antioxidant and raise glutathione, especially in the people who have very high levels of stress.

Acupuncture & TCM Reduces Stress
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