Chinese Herbs To Fight The Haze

The haze is back with a vengeance! Our city skylines are barely visible with a pall of grey that make Kuala Lumpur look more like Beijing than the capital of tropical Malaysia.

Fortunately for the average citizen in Beijing, Chinese medicine has discovered various herbs that help the body process the toxins that are present in air pollution. Whether it’s from industrial smog or haze from forest fires like what we’re experiencing here in Malaysia, these toxins can wreak havoc on our bodies. They have a cascading effect on our internal organ system that can lead to a variety of symptoms depending on the extent of our exposure.

The first and obvious organs affected by the haze are our lungs. Pollution not only has a negative impact on our alveoli (the tiny sacks that facilitate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide), but the organic compounds found in pollution can also react with enzymes to transform into reactive metabolites that cause tissue damage, neuro-behavioural disorders, and cancer. All of the pollution particles that don’t stay in the lungs are added to the bloodstream, and from there our bodies must eliminate the pollution through the liver, kidneys, digestive and urinary systems. This can lead to inflammation and cell damage in each of those areas.

In Chinese Medical theory, the effects from air pollution are described as toxic heat invading the interior. Toxic heat symptoms vary depending on the organ that is most affected. When the lungs are affected, we will experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, pain, coughing, sore throat, nasal congestion, bleeding nose, dry throat; When present in the other major organs, the damage becomes more apparent over an extended period of exposure. Chronic exposure will eventually lead to cardiovascular damage, inflammation of the liver, and decreased kidney function, all of which can lead to a wide variety of symptoms, and even death in the worst case scenario.

Besides the obvious solution of avoiding the haze by staying indoors as much as possible and turning on your air filter (if you have one), there are some wonderful herbal medicines that can help each of your organs deal with the barrage of toxins currently present in our haze ridden air:

  • Lung Fire
    Sang Bai Pi / 桑白皮 (Cortex Mori)
  • Heart Fire
    Huang Lian / 黄连 (Rhizoma Coptidis)
  • Shi Gao
    Shi Gao / 石膏 (Gypsum Fibrosum)
  • Liver Fire
    Zhi Zi / 栀子 (Fructus Gardeniae)
  • Kidney Fire
    Zhi Mu / 知母 (Rhizoma Anemarrhenae)

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Chinese Herbs To Fight The Haze
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