After several months of preparation, the Chinese language version of TCM Wellness Service’s website ( was finally launched on 1 September 2014. As the main Chinese language platform for TCM Wellness Services, this represents a crucial step forward in reaching out to the Chinese speaking community.

TCM Wellness Services' Chinese Website Launched

The Chinese language website follows the same design and structure of the main website and contains information and details on the various traditional Chinese medicine based treatments available. Website visitors are also able to link directly to the English language website, as well as book appointments online and eventually experience online shopping.

The new website was developed by Bfoundry Enterprise ( and the contents are translated by TCM Wellness’ in-house team.


华联传统理疗所的中文网站 ( 历经数月的筹备,于2014年9月1日正式开通。作为本所对使用中文市场的主要信息交流平台,该网站的开通标志着本所的发展又向前迈进了关键的一步。


本所的中文网站是由Bfoundry Enterprise ( 公司设计的,本所人员负责翻译工作。


TCM Wellness Services’ Chinese Website Launched

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