Origin Point Therapy

I have been doing some background research on Origin Point Therapy (原始点疗法 or OPT), a practice that is gaining popularity in Malaysia, and have found some points for concern.

For starters, the method seems like a very sinicised version of Trigger Point Therapy (TPT). While useful for pain relief, it may not be so useful for managing chronic illnesses and conditions.

My next point of concern would be the unqualified teaching of this method to laypeople who may or may not have adequate understanding of medical theory, whether from Oriental or Occidental sources. Some chronic conditions like high blood pressure and cardiac conditions contradindicate massage and tuina methods. To have scores of lay practitioners of OPT providing this service to the public without adequate medical knowledge can be pretty dangerous.

Furthermore, anecdotal reports have indicated that the public promotion of OPT has been proscribed in mainland China due to some incidents that occurred in the Northeast.

Finally, I noted some significant differences in the Chinese and English version of the OPT handbook. While the English version of the handbook merely provides technical data and technique illustrations, the Chinese version advocate Luddite practices including the absolute rejection of modern medicine as well as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

I am already of the opinion that TCM practitioners who advocate an “either-or dichotomy” (and Western medicine doctors as well) are at the very least, being very unprofessional if not downright irresponsible. To advocate rejection of both in favour of what is probably an effective yet limited pain relief method is just dangerous.

Having made these observations, I am not telling folks to reject OPT as a therapy method. Having experienced it myself, I must admit that it is an effective pain relief therapy and probably has some level of efficacy in treating chronic conditions due to the founding advocate’s background in Chinese medicine. I would, however, advice caution and a healthy dose of skepticism in regards to some of its claims.

Always have a properly trained and licensed TCM and/or Western physician to consult with if you’re planning to get OPT treatment. If you have a condition that contradindicates bodywork and massage therapy, then refrain from getting OPT treatment.


Some Concerns on Origin Point Therapy
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