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We eat different kinds of food together most of the time and think that by combining these foods, the benefits of all the nutrition these foods contain will be absorbed by the body. That is not all true. The chemical reactions between different elements can eliminate some of the benefits or produce other substances which can be damaging to our health.

Carrots & Kiwi

Here’s a short list of some unhealthy combinations of foods that should not be eaten together within a period of two hours:


Cucumbers contains enzymes that break down vitamin C. If we combine those vitamin C rich food with cucumber, the nutrition benefits will be ruined.

So avoid having cucumbers with strawberries, celery, cherries, tomatoes, peppers, oranges, cauliflower, spinach, grapefruits, watermelons, etc.

Apricots and Carrots

The Beta-carotene in carrots will be damaged.

Onions and Honey

Bad for the eyes … but who’d mix onions with honey anyway?

Shrimp and Watermelons

Lowers one’s immunity.

Kiwis and Carrots

The vitamin C in kiwis (as in the fruit, not the bird) will be damaged.

Pumpkins and Strawberries

Damages the nutrition in strawberries.

Sweet Potatoes and Persimmons

Causes stomach bloating, vomiting, and in worst case scenarios bleeding ulcers.

Spinach and Tofu

The oxalic acid in spinach removes calcium from tofu.


Some Foods Just Don’t Mix

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