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Inflammation is the body’s natural response to an infection or an injury to the body. In my practice of massage therapy, I have had three experiences that stand out in my many years of massage. These three cases of inflammation were remedied by Chinese acupressure massage therapy or Tui Na.

Back Tui Na Massage

Case #1 Lupus

I have been working on Judy (not her real name) for approximately four years. Judy suffers with lupus; she is approximately 36 years old, ambulatory, stable and holds down employment. She has the odd attack from time to time which can set her back, but in general, she is holding her own. She takes blood thinners and other medications to deal with lupus. She also practices Tai Chi and she comes in for regular massage therapy.

One of the symptoms of lupus is extreme inflammation. Judy has presented with inflammation in her fingers, arms, and legs. I used Tuina to move the inflammation from these areas. I also used acupressure on the affected meridians, namely the water element meridians (Bladder, Kidney). All the shu points on the back were used as well as K1, K2, K3, K 4.

The result has been dramatic especially after lupus attacks that were causing a great deal of swelling. All of the inflammation was eliminated shortly after the massage.

Case #2 Swollen legs and feet due to pregnancy

The second case involves a young lady who called upon me to come to the hospital to help her with swollen legs and feet due to pregnancy. Sheila (not her real name) was about eight months pregnant at the time, and she was in a great deal of pain due to swollen legs and feet. Many women retain water during pregnancy due to a growing baby.

I used gentle massage strokes over her pressure stockings to flush out the water. I worked with downward strokes on the outside of her legs and upward strokes from the inside of her legs. I also used gentles strokes on both feet and massaged around her ankles. I used gentle acupressure points Kidney 1, 2, and 3.

The result was dramatic. I received a phone call from her the next day that she was up urinating many times and her legs and feet were back to normal much to the surprise of her nurses and doctors.

Case #3 Swollen ribs and back due to injury

The third case of inflammation was an emergency treatment I did on Karen (not her real name), who had been in an altercation with her boyfriend and was in a great deal of pain in her ribs and lower back. I irrigated her ribs (moved out the inflammation) by massaging gently over the rib cage from the front to the back (where the ribs attach to the spine). I also gently massaged her lower back. I used all of the Bladder (Shu) points on the back.

The result was successful with a great decrease and elimination of inflammation and pain within 24 hours. Chinese acupressure massage therapy (Tui Na) is an effective technique to reduce pain and inflammation and can be used in myriad situations clinically.


Tuina Massage Therapy Remedies Pain and Inflammation

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