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Continuing from where we left off on Monday, here’s another three basic tips for the absolute newbie to traditional Chinese medicine.

The Root Cause

Do No Harm

Traditional Chinese medicine uses completely natural and safe methods to help rectify health concerns, with a focus on preventative health management. All the methods of therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine are completely drug-free, non-synthetic, non-artificial and very hands on.

Seeks The Root Cause

A good practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine will focus on getting to the root cause of a disease in just a few sessions. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes on ‘the root of a tree’ instead of only ‘treating the leaves and trunks of a tree’. This means that the traditional Chinese medicine practitioner seeks to treat the cause not the effect of an illness.

Methods of Diagnosis

Tongue and pulse diagnosis systems are the two most unique traditional Chinese medicine methods of reading an individual’s health condition. A lot of information can be collected through these two methods to identify the pattern of disharmony in the body. Some traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use abdomen palpation, and meridian diagnosis as well in order to gather more health information from a patient’s body.

The understanding of the use of modern bio-medical screening blood tests, advanced diagnostic tests, and imaging diagnostic reports can all be integrated into the traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic paradigm to gain a complete picture of what is going on with a patient’s health.


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