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If one is new to the concept of traditional and alternative therapies, it is understandable if one gets a little wary of the claims. Here’s a list of three basic tips for the absolute newbie to traditional Chinese medicine. Keep an eye out for further tips:

Body-Mind Balance

Tested By Time

Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient healing system that has been practiced in China and other East Asian countries for more than 5,000 years before being introduced to the Western mainstream about 30 years ago. It continues to thrive in China and East Asia, and in the 21st century, is increasingly becoming part of the mainstream healthcare and wellness system.

The holistic and natural quality of traditional Chinese medicine has become a preferred choice of care especially in the areas of drug-free healthcare, cost effectiveness and preventive healthcare.

Mind-Body Balance

Traditional Chinese medical theory looks at a person as a “mind-body” fueled by a life-force energy (also known as Qi). In today’s fast-paced digital age, a significant number of illnesses manifest from a disconnect of the mind and body and fall within the classification of psychosomatic ailments.

With traditional Chinese medicine’s unique understanding of psychosomatic ailments, many of these illnesses can be treated quickly and simply using a combination of physical therapy, acupuncture and herbs.

Holistic Yet Personalised

Traditional Chinese medicine treats the whole person, not just the disease or symptoms of the disease. In many cases, the same medical condition can have several different traditional Chinese medical approaches, depending on the person and its root cause.

Traditional Chinese medicine will heal the whole person and improve their sense of well being, rather than just suppressing the symptoms or masking the warning signs created by the body to alert us to illnesses.


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